I find it odd to think years from now my grandchildren might learn about the COVID-19 pandemic and I’ll be able to answer questions about what happened

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So many people talk of the desire to move or live other places, I’ve never had it. I love being right on the doorstep to the new forest, a short drive from beaches and with easy access o London. The only annoyance is how much it costs in rent to live here. One day we might be able to get a mortgage but it won’t be today or any day in the next couple of years!


Private house, Peckham, London | Al-Jawad Pike Architects

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Location: Peckham, London, UK

Year: 2018

Architects: Al-Jawad Pike
Structural Engineer: Davies Maguire + Whitby
Contractor: PSS construction
Photography: © Ståle Eriksen

The project provides a new two-storey rear extension to this Victorian terraced house in South London. The existing narrow kitchen extension on ground floor was remove and replaced with a new light filled kitchen and dining area. The ground floor is expanded sideways filling the entire width of the plot with reconfiguration of the existing internal layout to incorporate a washroom and generous arrival hall. Volumetrically, the ground and first floor extension is articulated into two distinct volumes constructed from a light coloured pigmented concrete block, which provide a subtle distinction from the main house. The windows in this new volume are made from oak, which has also been used in the interiors.

Al-Jawad Pike Architects

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_01 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_02 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_03 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_04 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_05 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_06 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_07 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_08 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_09 © Ståle Eriksen

All images courtesy of Al-Jawad Pike Architects


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