I find it odd to think years from now my grandchildren might learn about the COVID-19 pandemic and I’ll be able to answer questions about what happened

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So many people talk of the desire to move or live other places, I’ve never had it. I love being right on the doorstep to the new forest, a short drive from beaches and with easy access o London. The only annoyance is how much it costs in rent to live here. One day we might be able to get a mortgage but it won’t be today or any day in the next couple of years!


How to Make an Offer on a House

Making an offer on a house can be very challenging because you have to know what has sold recently and the conditions of those homes, the neighborhood, and what other competing buyers are doing.

We will show you how to make an offer and highlight important factors to consider so you don’t have to lose out on a house you really want.


Is Upgrading Worth It?

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P.C.R. Home Improvement

We do a lot of work for homeowners who are preparing to sell their homes. The question we often hear is if adding upgrades actually helps improve the sale price. The short answer is, usually. There are tons of factors to think about; market saturation, comparable value of the homes in your area, how quick you would like to get it on the market and a whole host of other things.

If you do not want to rely on your realtor to do the leg work, its not hard to find comparable home values. A quick glance at zillow or a local realtors website will give you an idea of what is for sale, how long it has been for sale (time on market doesn’t suggest a weak market, just some unseen issue that is causing the close of the sale) and whether making the decision to upgrade is worth…

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Private house, Peckham, London | Al-Jawad Pike Architects

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Location: Peckham, London, UK

Year: 2018

Architects: Al-Jawad Pike
Structural Engineer: Davies Maguire + Whitby
Contractor: PSS construction
Photography: © Ståle Eriksen

The project provides a new two-storey rear extension to this Victorian terraced house in South London. The existing narrow kitchen extension on ground floor was remove and replaced with a new light filled kitchen and dining area. The ground floor is expanded sideways filling the entire width of the plot with reconfiguration of the existing internal layout to incorporate a washroom and generous arrival hall. Volumetrically, the ground and first floor extension is articulated into two distinct volumes constructed from a light coloured pigmented concrete block, which provide a subtle distinction from the main house. The windows in this new volume are made from oak, which has also been used in the interiors.

Al-Jawad Pike Architects

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_01 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_02 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_03 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_04 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_05 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_06 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_07 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_08 © Ståle Eriksen

private house_peckham_london_al-jawad_pike_09 © Ståle Eriksen

All images courtesy of Al-Jawad Pike Architects


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